Setting up Collaborate Email Templates

When sharing documents and the Collaborate Site link with your clients, merge fields must be included in relevant email templates to automatically insert the correct link. Each user of the site will only be able to access what has been shared with them directly.

The email templates are set up and maintained by an FYI Admin or a user in a User Group with Permissions enabled for Templates. Refer to Managing User Groups.

The email templates for New Collaborate are set up in the same way as any other email template. Refer to Creating Email Templates and Signatures.

These steps describe how to create or update your practice’s email templates that will be used when sending the Collaborate Site or document links to external users. 

Setting up the Email Template for the Collaborate Invitation

An email template must be set up for your practice and set as the Default Email Template when configuring your Collaborate settings.

It's recommended to use this template to invite your clients to the Collaborate Site for the first time, but can also be used if the links need to be resent to the client.

The email template should include the following Merge Fields to add links directly to the client folders (the code for each link that's added to the template is displayed after the hyphen):

  • Upload FolderLink - {{ UploadFolderLink | web_link }}
  • Collaborate Site Link - {{ CollaborateSiteLink | web_link }}
    Note: The Collaborate Site Link Merge Field is only available after the Collaborate Site has been configured.

These Merge Fields are added to the email template from the "OTHER" group.

When the email is created from the template and sent to the client, the links display as "Click here".

2568 Include Folder Merge Fields in Email Template.gif

You can add any additional text to the body of the email.

Setting up Email Templates to Share Documents

When documents are shared with clients, you can select an email template that contains links to the documents.

Your email templates must include the following Merge Field to add the document links to your email (the code added to the template is displayed after the hyphen):

  • Attachment Links - {{ AttachmentLinks }}

The Attachment Links Merge Field can be added to the email template from the "OTHER" group.

This merge field controls where FYI will insert the document links created for the shared documents. If this merge field is not included in the template, the link will not open. Refer to Including Merge Fields in Email Templates and Signatures.


You can add any additional text and formatting to the body of the email.

Sample Email Templates

We have drafted sample emails that outline the process for clients, please feel free to use these samples as a draft for your client communication.

This information can be set up as Email Templates. Or you can also set this up, for example, as a PDF and include this as an attachment in the email that you send either before or when you share a document.

Refer to Creating Email Templates and Signatures.

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