Removing Access to the Shared Folders

You can remove access to the shared folders for all users or for a specific user.

Note: If a document or client is archived, the client will continue to have access to the document or any shared folders unless the access is removed.

Removing Access for a Specific User

You can remove access for a specific user to the client folders and to all documents that were directly shared with the user with the Share button.

  1. Search for your client and select the Collaborate tab.
  2. From the Sharing Settings, click the X alongside the user you wish to remove access for.


  3. A message displays confirming you wish to disable sharing for the user.
    Click Yes to confirm and Close Sharing Settings.

If the user no longer has access to any folders or documents shared with them, they will also be removed as a Microsoft guest user.

Once Access has been Removed

Once access has been removed for a specific user, the user's name and email address are no longer displayed in Sharing Settings.

Should the user try to use the link, they will receive a message "Sorry, you don't have access".


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