Known Issues with New Collaborate

We are continuing to develop and improve features for New Collaborate.

Below, we have provided details on outstanding issues, and where possible, recommended alternative options.

Feature Details Solution
Configuration Wizard When editing the Automation App Collaborate settings, if changes are made to the drop-downs the changes are saved in FYI but not applied to the Collaborate site.

Changes are only applied when the wizard is completed in full.
If adjusting the settings, complete the wizard (by clicking Next) to apply the changes both to FYI and the Collaborate site.
Configuration Wizard An Email Template is required during the configuration, however, the merge field for the Collaborate Site Link is not yet available. Create an Email Template first (this could be blank), then after the Collaborate Site has been created, re-edit the Email Template to insert the merge fields for the Collaborate Site and Upload folders.
Sharing Settings If there are special characters in the Document Library name, clients cannot be shared files. An error is displayed in the Sharing Settings window in FYI.  Special Characters are not supported in the Document Library name.
Sharing Settings When sharing a document or adding a client to the Sharing Settings, if the email address is used as the recovery email address for an internal user in the practice, Microsoft will not create a guest user account. You will need to either use a different email address or request the IT team unlink the email address from the Microsoft 365 user.
Share - No Email An email address is still required for the client even when sharing using the "Share No Email" function (to ensure the correct permissions are applied to the document). Ensure an email address is displayed for the client on the Client - Summary tab. Refer to Client - Summary.
Collaborate Tab Documents on the Client - Collaborate tab display all documents historically shared with Collaborate, not the current files in the Client folder.

If migrating to New Collaborate, this list includes documents shared via Collaborate on OneDrive.
We are working on an enhancement to only display the current document list in the client folder.

For now, the list of current documents can be accessed from the Collaborate site directly.
Using Automation Steps to Share Documents via Collaborate When uploading more than 5 documents in a single automation, some documents may fail to upload, with an error displayed in the Automation History.

This issue is caused by a delay in a response, where the user is being added to the New Collaborate site and times out.
We are working on a solution to prevent this issue from occurring.

In the interim, the documents will need to be re-uploaded to the New Collaborate site. 
Client Security All staff will be able to access all client folders on SharePoint. We are working on a feature to limit access to specific Client folders.

For now, documents should be sent directly to recipients using Email.
Client Login If "One Time Passcode" is disabled, some clients may be unable to create an account from the New Collaborate SharePoint site link. Clients will need to be instructed to set up a Microsoft Account before being able to log in using the New Collaborate SharePoint site link.
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