Error "That didn't work" when trying to log in to the Collaborate Site


A client is trying to access the practice's Collaborate site, however, they encounter the following error:

"That didn't work. We're sorry, but (email) can't be found in the (URL) directory."


This is likely caused by the client declining the Privacy Permissions the first time they log into the Collaborate site.


The user will need to have their invitation reset and accept the Privacy Prompt.

The following steps will need to be completed by a Microsoft Global Admin.

  1. Log into the Microsoft Entra admin center via
  2. From the menu on the left click Users and select All Users
  3. Use the Search box to find your client account


  4. Click the Display Name for the user
  5. The B2B collaboration tile will show as "PendingAcceptance"

  6. Click Resend invitation

The client will be sent an email invitation. Ask the client to follow the prompts and accept the Privacy Permissions. The client will be able to now access the Collaborate site successfully.

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