Connecting Greatsoft

Integrate with GreatSoft Practice Management software to import data into FYI.

For detailed information on the data synchronised with GreatSoft, refer to Synchronising Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns with GreatSoft.

For more information on GreatSoft Practice Management, refer to GreatSoft.

Note: If you have a Pilot account with GreatSoft, you need to first contact GreatSoft so they can enable the FYI integration. To identify if using a trial, check the website address. Trial URLs will contain "pilot"; for example, https://pilot-"yourpartnername" Contact your GreatSoft Account Manager to request assistance with the integration.

Connect FYI with GreatSoft

Step 1 - Connect the Integration

  1. In FYI, click the Automation menu option.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. Locate the GreatSoft app and click the Settings cog icon.

    2772 GreatSoft Automation Apps tile.gif
  4. In the GreatSoft Settings field enter your GreatSoft Server, ensuring that you enter the URL exactly as you use to access the GreatSoft server.
    Note: The URL is provided by Greatsoft


  5. Click Connect
  6. You will be redirected to the Login page for GreatSoft. 

    1553 GreatSoft Getting Started Login.gif 
  7. Enter your User name and Password.
  8. Click Log in.
  9. If enabled, enter your Two-Step Authentication.

    1554 GreatSoft Getting Started 2 step auth.gif

  10. The Delegate Access Permission screen will be displayed. Click Allow Access.

    1555 GreatSoft Getting Started Allow Access.gif

  11. You will be redirected to FYI and the GreatSoft Settings page.
  12. The Connected Since field will be updated to today's date and the timestamp the integration was connected.
  13. The Last Full Sync field will display Pending, to indicate the synchronisation has been queued.

Step 2 - Review the Practice Management Source

Once GreatSoft has been connected, you'll need to confirm that GreatSoft is your preferred Practice Management source.

  1. In FYI, click the Automation menu option.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. Locate the Practice Management Sync app tile and click the Settings cog icon.

    2738 Automation App Practice Management Sync tile.gif

  4. The Practice Manager field should be set to GreatSoft automatically, otherwise select GreatSoft from the drop-down list and click Save
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