Error: “Guest User security does not appear to be enabled. Please speak to your Microsoft 365 administrator” when using the Collaborate status check


If you have configured Azure AD B2B (Guest User Security) in your Microsoft tenant following our article Setting up and Enabling Azure AD B2B for New Collaborate and are receiving this error when checking the Collaborate Status we recommend checking the details below.

Note: Changes made to these settings may impact the ability for users to invite guest users to other Microsoft collaboration elements not used by FYI. If you are unsure on how to perform any of these steps please speak to your IT Professional before making any changes.


This error can be caused by your Microsoft Tenant’s External Collaboration settings being set to allow only certain users to send guest invites on behalf of the practice.


  1. Go to the Microsoft Entra admin centre and and login as the Microsoft Administrator.

  2. From the menu on the left, click the External Identities dropdown and select External collaboration settings.

  3. In the Guest invite settings section check whether the following option is selected:

    ➡️Only users assigned to specific admin roles can invite guest users

    This restricts the ability to invite guest users to only specified users within the practice.

  4. If this option is selected you will need to configure the Guest Inviter role. Refer to Guest User Invites.

  5. Alternatively if your practice does not wish to restrict this ability select:

    ➡️Member users and users assigned to specific admin roles can invite guest users including guests with member permissions.

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