Editing or Printing a PDF

PDF documents in FYI can be printed or edited using either OneDrive or FYI Desktop App.

The article below explains how to use OneDrive, for details on how to use FYI Desktop App refer to the article Editing PDF Documents Using FYI Desktop App and Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents with FYI Desktop App.

Editing a PDF using OneDrive

Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough of this feature, refer to Editing PDF Documents Using OneDrive.

  1. Select a PDF in a list.
  2. Click Edit.


    The PDF will be available in the FYI - My Edits folder in your OneDrive.

  3. From the Opening Document for Edit pop-up, click Open Online.
    Open the PDF from Windows Explorer and, with your preferred PDF editing tool, you can make changes or print.
  4. When you save the PDF this will overwrite the one in your FYI - My Edits folder.

  5. In FYI, select the PDF from a list and click I am Finished Editing in the FYI drawer so it is available to other users for editing.

Note: If the PDF has previously been sent to a client, either through DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Annature or FuseSign, and the client has signed it electronically, the signed version of the PDF will have a workflow status of "Client Signed" and cannot be edited. Therefore, the Edit function will not appear when selecting a document with a workflow status of "Client Signed".

Printing a PDF

If you only need to print a PDF:

  1. Select a PDF in a list.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. From the Opening Document for Edit pop-up, click Open Online from where you can use the Print option.

Note: If the document cannot be edited due to its current Workflow status (as outlined above), then to print the PDF you will first need to export it.

Open a PDF Using Export

You can also Export a PDF, then open it and edit or print. Refer to Exporting Documents.

Refer also to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents.

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