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Can we import our existing documents to FYI?

You can import your existing documents from various legacy systems. Refer to What data is migrated into FYI? and to the section Onboarding Overview

We offer the choice of either self-migration with full access to our tool-set at zero cost. Alternatively, we can provide Assisted Onboarding at reasonable day rates as required.

Importing documents from MYOB or Virtual Cabinet

The FYI Migrate app extracts the historical documents from MYOB or Virtual Cabinet. When the syncing begins, your documents will Live Import into FYI. Refer to Document Migration for MYOB or Virtual Cabinet.

Importing documents from Windows Explorer, HowNow or HandiSoft

You can use our FYI Migrate app to import data from Windows Explorer, HowNow or HandiSoft and by selecting the location of your source documents. When the syncing begins, your documents will Live Import into FYI. Refer to articles in the section Migration and to Document Migration for Windows Explorer, HowNow or HandiSoft.

HowNow uses folders with the Client Code and Year and the files all have a logical naming convention. We do not have an export routine for HowNow Online. You will need to get an export to Windows Explorer and then use our Import routine to bring the documents into FYI.

Importing from other on-premise or cloud-based document management systems?

If your documents are stored with any other platform, you can use the FYI Migrate app in the same way as for Windows Explorer. Refer to Using the FYI Migrate App to Sync your Data for details.

Importing documents from SuiteFiles

To import documents from SuiteFiles, as SuiteFiles is built on top of SharePoint, the process is to sync the underlying SharePoint site to your local computer or server. Once the documents are synced locally they can then be migrated to FYI.

The FYI team will manage the migration of your historical documents, including importing data into FYI and cleaning and mapping historical records where appropriate and possible.


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