Link your Practice's OneDrive Admin Account

In order to use Collaborate, Co-Edit with Team or other OneDrive functions, your practice needs to select the account for OneDrive that will be used for the common activities across the practice. Activities include co-editing documents, sharing documents and folders, and receiving documents from clients. This function can only be done by an FYI Admin.

Refer also to Summary of OneDrive Folders used in FYI for the additional OneDrive folders used by FYI.

Step 1 - Select the OneDrive Admin User

Link your practice's OneDrive Admin Account. This is a one-off step and can only be done by an FYI Admin.

Important Note: We recommend that you set up a Microsoft 365 account specifically for this. It is recommended to set this up with a good name to represent your practice, rather than a specific person. Also, ensure this account has OneDrive enabled. You can then set up a user directly in FYI that relates to this Microsoft 365 account (refer to Adding New Users Directly to FYI in Managing Users).

After setting up the new FYI user, ensure that you log in to your FYI platform as the new user to activate the account. 

You could select the OneDrive Admin Account as one of your team members (for example, a specific practice manager or an administrator). However, this is not recommended as it can cause complications if that team member leaves your practice. Refer also to OneDrive Admin Account.

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option.
  2. Go to the Apps tab.
  3. Locate the OneDrive tile and click the cog icon to edit it.

  4. In the OneDrive Settings tab, select the OneDrive Admin User that will be used.


Note: If you need to change the Admin user, this can be done by selecting a user from the drop-down. This needs to be done with caution as this can cause files to be unavailable that have been sent to the current OneDrive Admin Account.

Click the Update OneDrive Access button to confirm the change.


Step 2 - Assign the Microsoft Group Name

This group will be the default security group assigned to all sub-folders in the OneDrive FYI - Co-Edits folder. This folder is used for internal Co-editing of documents. If following our recommended settings, this sub-folder will be your practice’s cabinets.

Using Office 365 groups, you need to set up a Microsoft Group for all your users that will have access to Co-edit. This enables access for users without having to add and remove users individually. Refer to the Microsoft article

Note: For sites who have set up Collaborating with Azure AD B2B, these would be selected as "Guest users". 

  1. To add a Microsoft group, type the group email address or group name.

    Note: If the group is a Microsoft 365 group, the group email address must be entered and not the name. If the group is a Microsoft Security group, the name can be entered.

  2. Click the Update OneDrive Access button to confirm the OneDrive settings.

  3. A message displays to confirm.

  4. Click Yes.

    This creates the FYI - Co-Edits folders in the designated OneDrive, creates each Cabinet and assigns the Microsoft Group to each Cabinet. A message displays that Cabinet folders have been updated.

    Important Note: If you wish to change your Microsoft Group at any time, you can add a new group email address or group name (refer to the note above regarding group email address and group name) and click Update OneDrive Access. This will automatically deploy the new group to the FYI - Co-Edits folder and override any custom direct access permissions for secure cabinets.

    If you do not select a Microsoft Group, and leave this empty, this will create the folders without the additional security.

    Important Note: For any new Cabinets created, the Microsoft group is not applied automatically. Permissions will need to be added to the folder in OneDrive directly.

Step 3 - Ensure External Sharing is Turned On

In the SharePoint Admin Center for the Microsoft 365 account for your practice, the External Sharing and File and Folder Links must be reviewed. If not set correctly, this can prevent secure links from being created by FYI or existing links from being inactive. The Microsoft 365 account for your practice can only be accessed by a Microsoft 365 administrator.

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 and open your SharePoint Admin Centre. Use this link to take you directly there.
  2. Review the External Sharing levels.
    This must be set to 'anyone'. 
    If B2B for Collaborate is used, which enables greater security controls over external sharing, this must be set to 'New and existing guests'.
  3. Review the File and Folder Links.

Refer also to the Microsoft help article Manage sharing settings in Microsoft 365.

Step 4 - Configure a Data Retention Policy

FYI recommends having your practice's OneDrive administrator, or IT professional create a Data Retention Policy in Microsoft Purview. It is important for your practice to maintain the number of documents shared using this tool and this policy will allow your practice to continue sharing via secure links with clients. Refer to Configuring a Data Retention Policy for your Practice OneDrive.

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