How do I move from an email such as Gmail to Outlook?

If you already have your email in a Microsoft 365 account, then you will not need to use this guide. This is only needed if you have email that is held outside of your Microsoft 365 account.

Before you start these steps, make sure you have the email account you wish to migrate from, AND the Outlook account you want to migrate to.

Step 1 - In Outlook, click File in the menu.
In the Info page, check that you are selected the correct email address in top of the ‘Account Information’.
Click Open & Export in the side panel.


Step 2 - Click Import/Export.
In the Import/Export Wizard, select Export to a file.


 Step 3 - Select "Outlook Data File".


Step 4 - Select which folder you want to export. If you want to export the whole email account select the top-level folder as in the example below.



Step 5 - Choose the location for the export file to be saved to.
Select an option that is most appropriate for your export.


Step 6 - You will be prompted to enter a password. This is a password for the export. Ensure you keep the password as you will have to enter it if you wish to ever export again.

Step 7 - Next, Import the exported data to the required account.
Redisplay the File option in Outlook.
Redisplay Import & Export.

Step 8 - Go to Import/Export.
Select "Import from another program or file"


Step 9 - Select the file you just exported using Browse and click Next.


Step 10 - In the Import Outlook Data File dialog, you can select all but clicking on ‘Outlook Data File’ allows you to select just one folder as in the example below.

Select "Import items into the same folder in" and select the Outlook account you wish to import to.


Your folder(s) are imported into the selected Outlook account.


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