Why are Emails I edit in Outlook not updating in FYI?


When creating a new email In FYI and then editing that email in the desktop or online version of Outlook, the email is not saved with the changes I have made.

Note: FYI only saves the email content and will not save any changes made to recipients i.e. the To or CC).

The best option is to send the email from Outlook as the email will be captured in FYI. It may cause a duplication when filed against the client (if you need to, ensure the email is filed by accessing the email from your sent emails in Outlook) in FYI but you are able to delete the duplicated email. Refer to Deleting Emails and Recovering Deleted Emails.

Recommended Configuration

When you have edited the email in the desktop version of Outlook from your FYI - Drafts folder, you will need to press Ctrl+s within the email to save what you have done. 

Outlook requires you to save the email so that FYI is able to locate and sync these changes. Refer also to Opening and Editing Emails.

Note: It may take 5 to 10 minutes to show the edits made in Outlook in FYI.

When creating an email in Outlook, you can only prefile the email to the required client and cabinet when the email content is saved. If the email content is blank or the email is still synchronising to the Outlook Exchange Server, an alert will be displayed in the Outlook FYI Drawer.

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