Document Migration for Windows Explorer, HowNow or HandiSoft

This article details the steps in the FYI Migrate app when you have selected Windows Explorer, HowNow or HandiSoft as your current software (refer to Using the FYI Migrate App to Sync your Data). 

Note: If your folders include groups or any other complexities or major inconsistencies, please ensure you understand the document import process before syncing your documents. 

Note: If the Client Code (that matches the practice management software client with the legacy document store) is not stored in your practice management software “Client Code” field or the “XPM ID”, but in some other custom field in your practice management software, this needs to be selected in the Onboarding Wizard in the Migrate section before syncing. Refer to Onboarding Wizard. This is most commonly for UK sites.

Select your Folder(s) to Migrate

  1.  When prompted to select your folder(s), click Add Folder.

  2. Select the Folder(s) from Windows Explore that you want to sync.
    Note: You can add multiple folders.

    926_Migrate_Explorer_selected_Folders.gifFor details of what is created, refer to Implementors: Live Import.

    The folder name will be included automatically. If you are syncing more than one folder, for example, both client files and other internal files (such as "Clients" "Admin" and "HR" folders) this provides context to the type of documents.

    The following is an example of the folders selected for HowNow.

  3. Once you are comfortable with your selection, click Done.

  4. If one of the folders contains a metadata file (either metadata.csv or export-data\report.csv) the Document Metadata screen will be displayed. This screen is used to review and verify the data to be imported. For more information on how to use Metadata files refer to Creating a Document Metadata file for Windows Explorer Migrations.

    Note: Files without a matching metadata entry will not be imported. Confirm all files are displayed on this screen before proceeding with the import.

  5.  To begin syncing your documents with FYI simply select Start.


    If you want to double-check your selection before selecting Start, you can click on Restart Wizard and it will return you to the first step in the process (but will remember what you have entered).

Once the Sync is Underway

Before beginning the sync, the application will check the selected directories for the number of documents. The Upload Status will advise what the application is doing while you wait for the sync to begin.

Once the first sync is complete, the app will return to the top and look for any new/edited documents and sync them also.

The Skipped documents are those for which there were no changes found since they were initially synced.

This process repeats until either the app is closed or the sync is stopped. 


Modifying Files While the Migrate App is Running

You should be mindful of the following actions once the FYI Migrate App starts running:

Deleting Documents

Be cautious when deleting documents.

  • If a document has been uploaded via the Migrate App and then subsequently deleted from the folder, the document will need to be deleted manually from FYI
  • A warning will be displayed on the Migration Audit Report

Renaming Folders

Do not rename folders. The Migrate App will treat the new folder name as a new set of documents and reupload them.

  • For example, if a document has been placed into a folder called "Corro" and uploaded via the Migrate App, renaming the folder to "Correspondence" will reupload the documents (duplicating the files).
  • A warning will be displayed on the Migration Audit Report as a warning, and the documents from the "Corro" folder will be treated as removed.

Renaming Documents

Do not rename documents. If a document has been uploaded via the Migrate App and then subsequently renamed it will reupload them.

  • For example, if a document was called "BAS WP", uploaded by the Migrate App and then renamed to "BAS WP 2023", it will be re-uploaded and cause duplication.
  • A warning will be displayed on the Migration Audit Report. The document "BAS WP" will be treated as removed.

Moving Documents

Do not move documents (or cut/paste documents) between folders

  • If a document has been placed into a folder, uploaded via the Migrate App, and then moved to a new folder, the document will be re-uploaded by the Migrate app (causing duplication).
  • A warning will be displayed on the Migration Audit Report. The documents will be treated as removed from the "2022" folder.

Introduction to Live Import

When the syncing begins, your documents will LIVE IMPORT into FYI. Refer also to Implementors: Live Import.

  • FYI will place the documents into Cabinets, which it automatically creates based on the head folders selected above.
  • FYI will also automatically create Categories (for example, Clients - Level 1), which will contain the sub-folder detail from the head folder above.
  • FYI will look to match Client Names and Client Codes with your practice management software where possible (refer to Matching Clients and Creating Unmatched Clients in Implementors: Live Import).
  • FYI will automatically assign the Year category where possible (refer to Matching on Year in Implementors: Live Import).

Note: It is acceptable if Client Names, Years etc. do not appear to come into FYI perfectly during the Live Import. This could be, for example, if the Client Name was spelt slightly differently, or the Client Code is not in your practice management software. These issues can be resolved following the completion of the migration process. FYI will provide instructions.


How documents behave inside of FYI during the LIVE IMPORT

  • If a document appears in FYI, it can be selected, edited, refiled etc.
  • If FYI identifies a new version of the document, from your historical document store, FYI will version that on top of any edits made inside of FYI.

Note: We recommend users are careful when editing documents that are still live importing. However, if you refile a document and then a new version is uploaded, the refiling will remain in effect, that is, if you refiled the document from the "Pre FYI cabinet" to the required "cabinet", editing the document does not return the document to the "Pre FYI cabinet".


Once your data sync is complete, liaise with your Client Success Manager who will arrange refiling in consultation with you.


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