Setting up your Trial Account in FYI

Setting up a trial account for FYI is simple. There’s nothing to install locally and no credit card or direct debit details are required.

This article details setting up your Trial Account for practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager. For practices integrated with GreatSoft, refer to Setting up your Trial Account in FYI if you have an account with GreatSoft. For practices integrated with MYOB or APS, please reach out directly to our support team at

To use FYI, you require a Microsoft 365 account and emails hosted through Microsoft Exchange Online (as part of Microsoft 365).

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is the recommended license required. This allows FYI users to be able to edit documents from FYI using the desktop versions of Office or Outlook and ensures full integration with FYI.

You will need to be a Xero Practice Manager administrator with API access privileges in order to connect XPM to FYI.

Here's how to set up your trial account in FYI:

Step 1 - Click Start a 30-day free trial on the FYI website

Go to and click on the Start a 30-day free trial button.


Then click Get Started.


Step 2 - Enter the following information into the FYI app

  • Your preferred email address for FYI billing
  • Your practice name
  • Your country
  • Click to confirm that you have, as a minimum, a Microsoft 365 Business Standard account
  • Then click START FREE TRIAL.


Step 3 - Login to Xero

You are prompted to log in to Xero.

  1. Enter your login details.
    Click Log in.
  2. If you are prompted for any verification or to answer your security questions, follow the prompts.

  3. You are prompted to allow access to FYI.
    Click Allow Access.


    If your Xero login has access to more than one Xero practice, you are prompted to select which one you wish to connect to FYI.

    Note: If you get an error connecting to Xero, refer to the FAQ Error “You don't have access to connect to any Xero Practice Manager Accounts” when connecting FYI to XPM).

Step 4 - Use your Microsoft 365 credentials to authenticate

For security and convenience, your Windows username and password are used to log in to FYI.

  2. Enter your Microsoft 365 username and password.


    If this is the same email address you use to access Xero Practice Manager, you will be authenticated immediately. If not, you will be given the opportunity to link the separate emails.

You will then arrive at the FYI Welcome screen.

Refer to FYI Welcome Screen.

Before you Begin

Before you begin using FYI, please make sure that you complete the following additional set-up tasks:

  1. Add the FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook.
  2. Optimise your Computer for use with FYI.

Refer to the articles in the section Before you Begin.

Note: After starting the trial, if the Xero Administrator account that made the initial connection needs to be made inactive or deleted, please first contact the FYI Support Team at

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