Adding the FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook

FYI is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 to deliver automation such as email auto-filing.

Business Standard is the minimum requirement. 

The FYI Add-ins enable the key features of FYI to be available in Microsoft 365 Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Options for adding FYI Add-ins

There are two options for adding FYI Add-ins:

a. Add the FYI Add-ins to your Practice Microsoft 365 Account
b. Add the FYI Add-ins as a User from within Office and Outlook

Adding the FYI Add-ins to Your Practice Microsoft 365 Account

The FYI Add-ins can be added to your Practice Microsoft 365 Account. You must be a Microsoft 365 Administrator for your practice to complete this function on behalf of other users.

This is a mandatory step that must be completed before your team begins using FYI.

  1. Go to and locate the FYI Add-ins in the Microsoft store.
  2. Install FYI for Outlook.
  3. Install FYI for Office.

For details, refer to Adding the FYI Add-ins to Your Practice Microsoft 365 Account.

Adding the FYI Add-ins as a User from Within Office and Outlook

The FYI Add-ins can be added by individual users from within Office and Outlook. This option can be helpful if a small group of users want to try FYI before onboarding the entire practice.

Refer to Adding FYI Add-ins as a User from within Office and Outlook.

Checking your FYI Add-ins are Installed Correctly

To check that your FYI Add-ins are installed correctly, ensure you can access the Drawer in both Office and Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 365 (June 2023 Update)

If the FYI Add-in was pinned when installed, the icon may appear in one of two places. Click the icon to display the drawer.

  • In the header of the email (alongside the Reply, Reply All and Forward icons).

  • Under the three dots (More Actions) menu of the email 


Microsoft Office 365

Click the FYI icon in your ribbon menu when using Office or Outlook on your desktop. 


The FYI Drawer displays on the right-hand side.


For additional instructions on accessing the Drawer in Outlook and Office online, refer to Displaying the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office.

Optimising your Computer for FYI

Before getting started, please make sure you have completed the following steps to set up your computer:

  1. Configure your Outlook settings for FYI.
  2. Configure your OneDrive for use with FYI.
  3. Prepare your browser for FYI.

Refer to Optimising your computer for use with FYI.

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