FYI Migrate FAQs

Will reinstalling the FYI Migrate app cause document to be duplicated?

No. Simply installing the latest version of the FYI Migrate app will only update the app. This will not cause any documents to be duplicated.

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What are the "Skipped" documents?

There will likely be some documents skipped during the migration process. The skipped files represent documents that have been uploaded successfully already.


When the FYI Migrate app completes a full sync, it will then revisit each document on an hourly basis (looking for new/edited files). If it comes across a file it has already uploaded, and the file has not been edited, then the app will "skip" the file. 

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What are the "Excluded" documents?

There will likely be some documents excluded from the upload. These exclusions have been defined based on feedback received during previous data migrations. 


Depending on the system you are migrating from, the exclusions will differ. Most commonly, excluded files relate to items that are neither usable nor useful inside of FYI, such as database files for your historical DM system.

For details of the standard files that are excluded, refer to What data is migrated into FYI?

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What are the "Error" documents?

There may be errors during the upload.


The most common examples of where this occurs are:

  • The document is in the process of being edited.
    The FYI Migrate app will re-attempt to sync these documents each hour, which commonly solves the issue.
  • The FYI Migrate app cannot access the document.

You can view the errors by performing these steps:

  1. In Windows go to Run.
  2. Type %appdata%


    This will take you to the appdata folder.

  3. Select ‘FYI Migrate’
  4. If there are errors, you will see an errors.txt file

Note: The error list grows over time. So if a document errors on the first sync, and every subsequent sync, it may appear many times on the error list. To decipher what the final errors were, start at the bottom of the errors list and work your way up. The list should be in alphabetical order of the folder directories.

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Can I continue working whilst it syncs?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst FYI is syncing your documents, your entire team can continue working in the legacy system uninterrupted. So long as the FYI sync is running (generally right up until Go Live day), it is picking up any newly created or edited documents.

There are three things to be aware of though once the sync is underway:

  • If you delete document(s) or folder(s) in your legacy system after FYI has synced them, then they will not be deleted from FYI.
  • If you move document(s) or folder(s) in your legacy system after FYI has synced them, then it may result in duplicates of those documents appearing in FYI.
  • If you rename document(s) in your:
    • Folder-based system, for example Windows Explorer, a new document will be synced to FYI.
    • Database system, for example MYOB AE, the document will be updated with a new version but will not be renamed.

We recommend communicating the above to your team in advance of the sync kicking off.

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If you make a mistake in the Folder Structure

If you select the wrong level of the folder structure:
Contact FYI to delete the documents and delete the FYI data file. You can then start again.

Note: If the data is not deleted, the FYI Migrate app records that it has already brought them into FYI.

If you select an incorrect folder:
Contact FYI to delete the documents and update the folder selections in the app and continue the Migrate.

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Are documents with long file paths migrated?

In Windows File Explorer, there is a general file path limit of 260 characters. This is the combination of the folder path and the file name. If you believe this could impact your document migration, please do some research and testing to ensure long file paths are being accounted for.

For example, if you are migrating from Dropbox, you can enable your Windows Explorer to accept file paths greater than 260 characters. Once this is done this, FYI Is able to sync these documents.

To enable Windows to accept file paths greater than 260 characters, refer to this Windows article.

Once long file paths are enabled on the PC that Dropbox syncs with, Dropbox should not have any issues syncing the full library. Refer to this Dropbox article.

Note: FYI does not guarantee that files with file paths greater than 260 characters if originally stored in the cloud such as on Dropbox, will be migrated to FYI.

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How fast should it be syncing? 

The speed of your data sync is dependent on a number of factors, primarily:

  • Your bandwidth (internet speed); and
  • The size of files being uploaded

Greater internet speed and smaller file sizes will increase the number of documents we can sync in a given time period. 

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How long will it take to sync my documents?

As a guide, the FYI Migrate app will sync about 250GB of data in one business day if left to run uninterrupted on a relatively fast internet connection. 

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What if the sync stops or the FYI Migrate app stops or is closed?

If you select Stop, the sync will effectively pause. You can then select Start to continue the sync. 

If the FYI Migrate app stops itself, it may be because the user running the sync does not have sufficient permissions (that is, does not have access to the selected folders). Please check with your IT provider. 

If the FYI Migrate app is closed, or the computer it is running on is shut down, the syncing process will stop. To restart the sync:

  1. Open the migration application
  2. Log back in (if prompted)
  3. Ensure all settings are exactly as they were.
  4. Then start the sync again (it will pick up where it left off).

Important note for MYOB/VC: On the Select your folder(s) to Migrate screen, it is critically important you select the same folder as the initial sync.

Important note for non-MYOB/VC: If you sync a different folder to the one you synced originally, this can result in duplicate data. Duplicates can of course be deleted from within FYI following the import completion, but if at any time you need FYI to completely clear your sync so that you can start again, please submit a support request and pause any ongoing syncs. 

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What if the sync stops and I do not have the original files?

If the sync has stopped and you need to restart it, but you do not still have the original files and/or there are additional files to sync.

  • If the path is 100% the same, then it can just be started again (see above), it will not overwrite changes.
  • But, if the path has changed, it will duplicate the import so this must be avoided. Please contact the FYI Support Team at

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Can I sync from more than one historical document source simultaneously

  • When migrating from a folder system, you can include multiple folders to sync.

    Important Note: Ensure the import source name is different. For Windows Explorer, this is the top-level folder (for example, C:\Data\Documents\Clients and C:\Data\Documents\HR).
    The top-level folder name cannot be the same so you cannot sync G:\Clients and H:\Clients simultaneously as the second one will overwrite the first.
    If you are merging two practices which both had same name for top folder, you need to rename one of them.

  • If you want to run a sync of a folder-based system and a MYOB or Virtual Cabinet database at the same time this can be done but it must be done on a separate computer or server with a different instance of the FYI Migrate app.

  • If you want to run a sync of any database system at the same time (for example, MYOB or Virtual Cabinet database at the same time) this can be done but it must be done on a separate computer or server with a different instance of the FYI Migrate app.

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What do I do after the sync is finished?

Once the Migration Sync in the FYI Migrate app is complete, your documents are imported. They are then ready to be refiled. Liaise with your Client Success Manager who will arrange refiling in consultation with you.

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When can we Uninstall the FYI Migrate app?

When all documents have been successfully migrated, and the practice has confirmed that all documents have been migrated and filed, you can uninstall the FYI Migrate app.

Refer to Uninstalling the FYI Migrate App.

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