Implementors: Live Import FAQs

The following are common FYI Migrate FAQs. See below for details.

Can FYI match a folder with a 'secure client'?

Yes. If a client has client-level security enabled, FYI can still match imported files to these clients.

Note: The same rules apply as a standard client, in that the folder/database would need to find a match on the client name/code. 

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Does FYI match clients if spelling or format is slightly different between the source data and XPM?

In some cases, yes. FYI has a number of routines it runs to check for a matched client.

For example, we are able to find and replace "&" or "and" to match. This means that a folder called "Bob & Jane Family Trust" will successfully match with an XPM client named "Bob and Jane Family Trust".

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When the cabinets/categories are created during live import, do all team members have access to these?

By default standard users have access to all cabinets, including these. If there are confidential documents uploading, ensure user groups are updated.
If the user group does not have "All" cabinet access enabled, then by default they will not have access to the auto-generated cabinets.

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What happens if a Cabinet or Category created during Live Import is deleted?

If you delete these auto-generated cabinets/categories before the Live Import is complete, it will automatically recreate them as soon as the next document for the relevant Cabinet/Category comes in.

Note: it does not simply "bring back" the one you deleted. It creates a new one of the same name.

Recommendation: Do not delete the auto-generated cabinets/categories until the migrate app is turned off and refiling is complete.

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What data does FYI automatically match during import?

  • Clients (in some cases)
  • Jobs (never as part of import, but this can be done using Refile Advanced)
  • Years (based on certain criteria)

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If a document is imported without a client, how can I assign it to a client?

  • Individually using the document drawer
  • Using Bulk Update (refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details).
  • This can be done in bulk, one cabinet at a time, using the Refile function.


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For database imports (that is, MYOB/VC) does FYI automatically replicate the cabinets and categories from those systems?

Yes, Live Import will automatically generate the cabinets and categories as they were in MYOB/VC.  Refer to What data is migrated into FYI?

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Can you begin refiling documents whilst live import is still going?

Yes. Refiling only impacts documents that are already imported to FYI. Anything imported subsequent to your Refile will need to be refiled again.

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Can a user edit a document from a live import, whilst a live import is ongoing?

Yes. If they do, FYI creates a new version of the document.

If the document is subsequently edited in your legacy system, and that version is then uploaded, that will be threaded over the top of your FYI edits.

All the versions can be accessed from within FYI. Refer to Version History and Creating a New Document Version.

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