My Practice is changing our Microsoft 365 Tenant. What do we do in FYI?


We are changing our Microsoft 365 Tenant. What do we need to do in FYI?


The following is a high-level explanation of our recommended approach.

Step 1 - Reconfigure Practice OneDrive

The first step is to reconfigure your Practice OneDrive (refer to Link your Practice's OneDrive Admin Account).

Step 2 - Log in to FYI with new credentials

An FYI Admin needs to log in to FYI with the new credentials to start email auto-filing, OneDrive syncing, etc.

Step 3 - Finish editing Collaborate or Co-Edit Documents

Any documents that are out for editing with the old credentials should be checked back in by clicking "Finish Editing" or "Finish Co-Edit" etc.

If you are using Legacy Collaborate or Co-Edit, then the existing links will be broken.

  • For any documents that are being shared with the client, copy the entire folder across.
  • Any documents that are in Co-edit, you need Co-edit again once moved to the new system. You can check in the practice FYI - Co-Edits folder which documents are still there to determine which need to be Co-Edited again.

If you're using New Collaborate:

  • Verify your Collaborate settings as per the article Configuring the FYI New Collaborate App
  • Spot-check a variety of clients to ensure their Sharing Settings have not encountered an error (the Sharing Settings will turn red). If the sharing has turned red, you will need to delete the Sharing Settings and re-add the client. Refer to Client - Collaborate Tab.

Step 4 - Update DocuSign

If you are using DocuSign, within DocuSign you need to reconfigure the OneDrive that is being used.

Step 5 - Update FYI

You can change the Company Name or Billing Email Address from within FYI. Refer to Managing your Account and Displaying Your FYI Invoices.

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