"Waiting for the machines to run. The email will be uploaded at next synchronisation" in Outlook


In Outlook when trying to save an email to FYI after sending it, the following message displays: 

  • "Waiting for the machines to run. The email will be uploaded at next synchronisation"

More details on the error will be displayed underneath, and may be one of the following errors:


We could not find your email this time

The user account has likely not logged into FYI, which means the account has not synchronised the OneDrive account with FYI. 

To resolve the issue, the user account will need to log into FYI.

If you are trying to use a Shared Mailbox, refer to How can I use a Shared Mailbox?

Message inaccessible due to invalid credentials

This issue is typically caused by the auto-login to Office 365 on the computer using a different or incorrect account, for example, a misspelt email.

To ensure that you are logging into Outlook correctly, you can disable the auto-login. You will then be prompted to log in, so you can ensure you're using the correct account.

  1. In Outlook, click File. In the Account Information, click the Account Settings button then select Account Setting from the list.
  2. In the Email tab, click Change, then click More Settings.
  3. On the Security tab, check the box next to "Always prompt for logon credentials."
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Log out of Outlook and log in with the correct account.

Unable to retrieve message

This issue is caused by logging into the FYI Add-in while viewing an email opened from a mailbox for a different account. For example, if your Outlook uses multiple mailboxes.

The FYI Add-in can only be logged in for a single account, and cannot retrieve emails from a different user's mailbox.

You will need to ensure the mailbox account matches the account used to log into the FYI Add-in.

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