Setting up your Trial Account in FYI if you have an account with GreatSoft

If you have an account with GreatSoft, the following are the steps for setting up your 30-day trial with FYI.

Note: This process is the same if you have either a GreatSoft trial (Pilot) account or a full account as the sign-up process with FYI is the same.

However, if you have a Pilot account with GreatSoft, you need to first contact GreatSoft so they can enable the FYI integration. You can tell if your GreatSoft account is in a trial as the URL will be as in the following example: 

Step 1 - If you have a Pilot account with GreatSoft

If you have a Pilot account with GreatSoft, first contact your GreatSoft account manager so they can enable the FYI integration. Once your GreatSoft account manager has enabled FYI as an integration, continue with Step 2.

Step 2 - Sign up to FYI

Sign up to FYI using the following link:

The Getting Started screen displays.


Enter the following information.

  • For Your GreatSoft Server, ensure that you enter the URL exactly as you use to access the GreatSoft server.
  • Your preferred email address for FYI billing
  • Your practice name
  • Your country
  • Click to confirm that you have, as a minimum, a Microsoft 365 Business Standard account


Step 3 - Login to GreatSoft

You will be redirected to the API login page for GreatSoft.

  1. Enter your login details.
  2. Click Log in.


  3. If enabled, enter your Two Step Authentication.


Step 4 - Allow Access to GreatSoft

The Delegate Access Permission screen displays

Click Allow Access.


Step 5 - Login to FYI

Once authorised, before logging into FYI, allow two minutes for your FYI Trial site to be created.

To login to your FYI Trial, use your Microsoft 365 email and password. Refer to How to Login.

Note: If your Microsoft 365 email is different to the email that is associated with your GreatSoft account, when prompted you will need to select the option "Different practice & Office Logins".

If you have issues logging in to FYI, please contact the FYI Support Team at and provide them with both your Microsoft 365 login and your GreatSoft email addresses so we can add the email alias for you.


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