Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents with FYI Desktop App

The FYI Desktop App is a purpose-built desktop app that you can use to edit any FYI document independently of OneDrive.

To use the FYI Desktop App, it first needs to be enabled and installed on your PC. Refer to FYI Desktop App.

Using the FYI Desktop App to Edit an FYI Document

Once installed, the way in which you use the FYI Desktop App will depend on what you have selected as your default for Open Office using in your My Settings - Profile. Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.

The setting in your My Settings - Profile determines the default way to edit a document when you click the Edit button. If you have enabled FYI Desktop App and set your default for Open Office Using as "FYI Desktop", this will set "Edit in FYI Desktop" as the default when you click the Edit button.


This also sets the default way to edit a document when you click the Edit icon next to the document.


You can select any of the other available options from the drop-down. For example, if you have "OneDrive Desktop" set as your default, the drop-down for the Edit button will show the following options. You can select Edit in FYI Desktop from the drop-down for the Edit button.


You can also select it when displaying the tools as a pop-up menu from the Edit option. Refer to Displaying the Tool Bar as a Pop-up Menu in Using the Document Action Tool Bar.


Edit and Save your Changes to the Document

Make your changes to the document in Office. If you do not have AutoSave enabled, save the changes in Office.

When editing PDFs, make the changes and save using your default PDF editor.

When you have made the changes and saved, you need to set it as Finished Editing in the FYI Desktop app (see below Finish Editing a document). This syncs the changes to FYI.

This is especially important if you are working from home and using the FYI Desktop App. If you need to access the document from another computer, for example, in the office, if it is not checked in it will not have synced to FYI.

FYI Desktop Window

The FYI Desktop icon displays in your Windows taskbar at the bottom of your screen as the following icon.

If you do not see this, click the Show hidden icons tool in the Windows taskbar and then drag the FYI Desktop icon onto the Windows taskbar.


Clicking the FYI Desktop icon in the Windows taskbar displays a window in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The FYI Desktop window displays the documents you currently have open and any documents you have closed but not yet checked in.


You can also open a document from the FYI Desktop window by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon and clicking Open.


Note: Once a document is being edited using one method (FYI Desktop, OneDrive or Desktop) it cannot be edited using a different method. If you need to change how you are editing, first check in the document (see below).

Note: Co-edit can only be used when editing via OneDrive.

Remove Document

Clicking over a document in the FYI Desktop App pop-up gives the option to Remove Document. This would be used in rare instances if instructed by FYI Support, for example, if you are offline and the document cannot sync to FYI. You can only remove a document in this way if the document has been closed locally.

If the document is still open, a message displays.


Finish Editing a document

When you have made your changes in Office (and saved the file if you do not have AutoSave enabled) close the document in Office. When editing PDFs, save using your default PDF editor. Then set the document as Finished Editing in the FYI Desktop App.

To finish editing a document:

  1. In the FYI Desktop window, click the vertical ellipsis icon.
  2. Select Finished Editing.
  3. The document is synced to FYI.


If you get the message "File currently in use, close the file and try again", this means that the document is currently open in Office or the PDF editor. Close the file and click Finished Editing again.

When you finish editing a document, it is removed from the FYI Desktop window.

Note: Documents are automatically marked as "Finished Editing" and synchronised back into FYI after 2 weeks of inactivity.

Documents in the FYI Desktop Folder

You can see the document(s) currently being edited in the folder selected when FYI Desktop was installed, for example, C:\Users\yourname\Documents\FYI Desktop.

The file shows as the document name in FYI followed by the FYI Reference number. Do not rename or remove any files from this folder as this will stop the sync from working.

Force Stop Editing

There may be rare instances where a document has been edited via the FYI Desktop App and cannot sync with FYI.  This could be if you have selected to edit the document in FYI Desktop on a computer that does not have the FYI Desktop App installed, or if you have lost your computer, or had a hard drive crash and the document is still out for editing via FYI Desktop App.

If this happens, you will be able to force the editing of the document to stop in FYI, but this may result in losing changes to the document.

Note: FYI will only display the Force Stop Editing option after a 3.5 minute delay, to allow time for documents to synchronise.

  1. In FYI, open the drawer for the document.
    Under the Syncing with FYI message, you will see the Force stop editing button.1779_Force_Stop_Editing_FDA.gif
  2. Click the Force stop editing button.
    A confirmation displays.

  3. Click OK.
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