Merger where the Practice being acquired has FYI but the Practice it is being merged into does not have FYI

This article covers the following scenario:

Practice A uses FYI and has been purchased by Practice B. Practice B does not have FYI but is starting a new FYI account.

  • Practice A has Xero Practice Manager and FYI
  • Practice B has Xero Practice Manager but does not have FYI
  • Practice B is starting a new FYI account
  • Data is being merged from Practice A into Practice B

Determine if you are keeping the same email address, or adopting a new email address and Microsoft Account

FYI requires a unique email address and Microsoft login to be able to access FYI.

Same Email Account and same Microsoft Login

If you are keeping the same email account and the same Microsoft Login in the new Xero Practice Manager:

New Email Account and Microsft Login

If you are adopting a new email account and Microsoft Login in the new Xero Practice Manager, add the new user in Xero Practice Manager and it will sync to FYI for the new account.

Note: The user who will be initiating the export from Practice A needs to be kept as an active user in FYI for Practice A so that the user has access to the extracted data. This user may need to update their Xero Practice Manager email address to a account to allow for their Xero Practice Manager user email to flow through into FYI for Practice B.

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