Why was an Email created by an automation and set to “Send Immediately”, been set as "Draft" and not sent immediately?

An email was created by an automation and was set to “Send Immediately”. But it has been set as "Draft" and was not sent immediately.

The user who was identified as the Sender has not yet logged into FYI at least one time so has not authenticated their Microsoft Account. The email that was created could not sent from the nominated user's email as it is not valid. Therefore a draft email was created. This can be sent by an authenticated user.

The email will need to be sent manually from an authenticated user.

If the email needs to be sent from the nominated user, that user needs to login to FYI using their Microsoft credentials and provide authentication.

We recommend that all your active FYI users login to FYI at least once to ensure that we have captured their Microsoft authentication for emails.


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