Deleting Document(s) with a Custom Process

This custom process deletes unwanted documents that meet certain criteria. This could be used, for example, where documents have been imported (such as from BGL or NowInfinity) and some of these documents are not required and should not be autofiled.

Important Note: As this process is deleting documents, ensure that the criteria for which documents to delete is set correctly and that the process is tested to check it is set up correctly. The deleted documents are included in the the Documents Deleted view and can be restored if any are deleted by mistake.

Creating the Custom Process

Create a Documents List View or Determine the View to use

This process needs a Document view to be created. This will be used to trigger the Custom Process and as the source of the notification.

Refer to
Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in the Documents Lists
Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists
Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views

  1. Add any filters or search criteria to include only the documents you want to delete.
    For example, these could include adding columns and filters for Source (such as BGL), Cabinet (such as "Corporate Affairs", Document Type (such as PDF), search criteria on the document Name.
  2. Ensure that the view only includes documents you want to delete.
  3. Save the View, for example, as "Imported Documents to Delete". Untick the Available For - List option so the view is available for Automations only.


Add the Custom Process

The following is the Custom Process.


  • The Name has been set as "Delete Unwanted Imported Documents".
  • If required, add any additional description of the Process in the Description.
  • The Trigger in the Process can be set as "Manual" or "Schedule" depending on how you want it to run.
  • No documents are created for this process, therefore Inherit Job is unchecked.
  • The Filter Type is set as "Documents - View Filter".
  • The View is selected as the view you have created, for example, "Imported Documents to Delete".
  • When deleting the documents, no further action such as setting another workflow status would usually be required, so for this process, you would checkmark Run Only Once Per Document.


Add the Step for the Alter Document

The following shows the Step for the Alter Document.


In the Filing section, set the Filing as "Delete".

If required, you can add a Comment.

Set the Status of the Process to "Active"

When you are ready, set the Status of the process to "Active".

Testing and Running the Process

When setting up a Custom Process, it is very important to test it to ensure it is working as expected. Refer to Testing Custom Processes.


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